what past participants have said about attending a Willow Gathering


"I couldn't have imagined a more perfectly serene and gorgeous adventure. The Willow Gathering poured out peace, beauty and inspiration. There was so much attention and love dedicated to each detail from Julie, Emily and Beth. Their hospitality, inspiration and grace are qualities that I felt lucky to have encountered, and will carry away from this journey.

I'm grateful to have been apart of such a beautiful adventure, and spend time with so many brilliantly creative women."


"Words cannot adequately describe my experience at the Willow Gathering! Never before in my life have I felt more inspired, relaxed, rejuvenated, creatively full, and encouraged. Every activity we did and every place we explored fueled my soul to create in a way I've never felt before. The friendships I made during this trip will last a long time- the inviting and encouraging atmosphere was contagious, and I've never been surrounded by such diverse and loving artists before! I only hope to remember every moment of the retreat, and I know each memory will continue to inspire me on my creative journey for years to come. ️


"Emily and Julie created an event and an environment that was refreshing and inspiring. Everything from the food to the venue to the excursions were better than I could have dreamed. Truly, everything about the retreat was beautiful! The workshops were fun and rejuvenating while still allowing enough space to renew my energy with alone-time when I needed it. The incredible women I met there became dear friends within days and the retreat has already become a landmark event in my life.

I want to go back again and again."


"I came craving inspiration and creative growth, hoping to meet some lovely people and enjoy some fantastic food. All my expectations were fully exceeded. It was a truly life changing experience that I'd do again in a heartbeat. And I made some wonderful friends too!"


"The Willow Gathering was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Julie and Emily were so intentional in their preparation that you immediately felt like you belonged. Everything was set up in such a way that it was easy to fall in step with the vision for week, and to feel at home. Beth was just amazing, and she poured all her love into the food she made for us everyday. It was crazy, to stand in a gorgeous Chateau in France, and feel like this was exactly where you were supposed to be. Because of the care and heart put into the planning of this trip, all of us who came immediately formed such a sweet community, and meal time felt like family dinners surrounded by people you've known your whole life. It was such a sweet experience, to share the same sights and sounds with 15 other women, and watch how each of our hearts and eye for art translated that, and poured new beauty back into the world, that was all different! I will never forget this sweet time, and all of the sweet ladies that made it what it was. "


"Emily and Julie and Beth worked together to create a truly creative and marvelous retreat. Between exploring (local markets, cathedrals, the grounds of the chateau), learning (in floral arranging and painting workshops) and enjoying (delicious meals, slow mornings, cocktail hours) it was a perfectly relaxing adventure (it's not often that adventuring and relaxing coincide, but a true delight when they do!)